Cactus nite

Another beautiful day. No surging up to get on with things this morning, although Beth and John were up early basking by the pool. Huge amounts of food to be eaten at lunchtime, not eaten from the day before. Beautiful food. Simply spent the day hanging around chatting. So nice to talk to Romy at length again, having not seen her for ages before this holiday.

In the afternoon Toby, Romy and John popped into Noto. I had a deep sleep in the afternoon, followed by a swim and a bob in the pool with Lorraine and Betty. Lorraine finished the second Montalbano book, and I started the Leopard by Lampedusa.

I was offered some work for a couple of weeks starting next Monday in London, which I gladly accepted too. Seems that what I need to do to boost my writing career and freelance is go away on more holidays.

We were here for Tina too, and were theatrically treated to ravioli of utter brilliance, a meaty stew of pork and sausages cooked with fennel in a rich tomato sauce, served with salad and bread. Then a remarkable last course of gorgeous tiramisu, and prickly pear fruits known locally as 'bastardoni', literally big bastards. These were pippy but sweet and refreshing, like a cross between watermelon and pomegranate.

Toby and I lurked around the pool after food, sitting on the deckchairs looking up at the shooting stars and shooting the breeze. Then we had an epic six handed euchre game, that everyone seemed to struggle with a bit. The evil nexus of Toby, Lorraine and John won.

Below diners, bougainvillea and dessert of bastardoni and tiramisu, and Betty and John.