Cheered by horror, and a pizza day

Lorraine and I woken by the flappy monster, a monster we have heard for the last few days. We have now worked out that it lands on the roof, and then seems to chisel persistently at the roof tiles like the worst kind of poltergeist.

Up eventually, after coffee in bed, and I was surprised and delighted to find that my short story The Inheritor, set on Guernsey, has been accepted for publication in Supernatural Tales. Felt greatly boosted by this. The editor, David Longhorn, had a recent bereavement and I thought that the submission had melted away. Luckily not.

The day spent in a lazy way by the pool, reading, sleeping and a wee bit of Euchre. Toby finishing off The Leopard by Lampedusa, set on Sicily, and Lorraine starting Montalbano novels also set here.

In the evening we went out to Noto, parked in our usual place after an impromptu tour caused by a road being closed. Walked across town to find a pizza restaurant, recommended to us by Tina, in a sunken garden. It was called Casa Matta, and served incredible pizzas. Apparently it is the number one pizzeria in Noto according to trip advisor. Mine, whose name I forget, was very meat with wild boar sausage, among other ingredients. Lorraine and I ate creme brûlée with sorbet and chocolate from Modica, Romy had a nice looking tiramisu. Then walking up through narrow back streets along to the car park, with the Tobster Luke Skywalkering the Mercedes along the dark lanes home.