A night out with Anton

A bit more in focus revisited the story, The Merger, I wrote on holiday in Sicily, and also the What You Look For story I wrote shortly before I left. I sent What You Look For to Matthew Rees at Horla with fingers crossed. I also started working on the cover for Magnificent Grace.

Lorraine working at home today. I got busy with the water pressure cleaner on the decking, and took off most of a year's worth of grime and guano. This is the closest I came to working with power tools, and it made me feel like a man.   

In the evening we walked off to meet Anton in the Batty, where he handed over a Sherlock Holmes game for L and I to play. We had a bite to eat there, and generally caught up on gossip. Anton having the massive pain of having to sort out the identity theft that happened a few weeks ago, people buying stuff in Brighton. He is off on a short holiday with the bairns next week. 

We left the Batty which is in its final weeks before the new owners take over and revamp it. I associate the Batty with lots of good times, but it does need a lick of paint. We had another drink in the West Hill Tavern, which was empty. It is a good pub but rarely seems to have folks in it. Then we ended up at the Shakespeare's Head for an absolute bloody final drink, before mooching home.