The Moon and Toby

It was our last full day in Sicily. Lurking about in the house, and dipping in the pool. I for one not ready to leave yet.

Up in the middle of the night worrying about balancing my two work offers. Ended up getting up while at about 4-ish and typing an email in bed next to Lorraine. Now at last able to sleep, however, the flappy-flappy monster returned, emitting what may have been a few faint hoots, and poltergeisted around for a bit before settling.

A good thing I did email, as the two weeks work I had been offered had evaporated, without anybody bothering to tell me.  Luckily, I was able to contact Pat and say I'd be able to work with him next week instead.

In the afternoon we all drove to the sea, Beth and John in Toby and Romy's car, where we reached a lovely lido that Toby and Romy had visited a few days ago one afternoon. We enjoyed a light, and fishy lunch, and then -- as Romy had cleverly booked the restaurant, plus sunbeds in advance -- we basked under our parasols, and bobbed about in the cooling sea in the south eastern tip of the island. It was an out of the way place, with a broad shallow bay, surrounded by low honey coloured cliffs, and the people seemed all Italian.

In the evening I blackmailed Toby to allow me to take his photograph while we were sitting out the back looking at the moon as the dusk deepened before dinner.

It was our last evening all together, and Tina produced one of her divine lasagnes. We played some cards, and drank a little wine. We had all enjoyed a happy time together. So nice to spend time with Toby and Romy. Beth and John had really enjoyed being with them too.

Below the moon and Toby. A plate of 'lobster tails' and the most divine little tarts full of wild strawberries, and fruit salads.