Spontaneous fun

A day of being on holiday, but in Brighton. Weighed myself this morning, and found I now weigh less than when I started the holiday, so back on track. Lorraine and I feeling relaxed, headed into town. L got a bit of shopping, and I went into the barbers, getting Stacy who cut my hair before L and I were married. Lorraine came and waited in the barbers, prompting Stacy to be even more perfectionist that usual.

After this we sloped about trying to decide on a bite to eat, and ended up dropping into the Basketmakers, where we had a quick drink and a meal. It was nice to be there, as it is definitely the pub with the most associations for us in Brighton. Joe the barman was on, although he said he was just doing a shift to help out as he had become a recruitment consultant.

After this, a spot more shopping and then we wandered back to the Duke of York's Picturehouse to see One upon a time in Hollywood, the new Tarantino movie. Both of us entertained by this, although there was plenty to discuss afterwards.

A yearning for a curry grew in me as we approached the Shahi on the way home, and we looked in the window, and it seemed very busy. So we started to walk away but then one of the staff ran out to pull us back in, and we had a really nice meal in there, before heading back uphill to our home. Calorie count rather exceeded today, but it was a lovely day of being spontaneous.

Below, a quick blurry selfie in The Basketmakers.