Going nowhere

Unutterably lovely to actually wake up at home with no necessity to zoom off anywhere. My first day at home for three weeks, and it was great. Spent the morning tidying away clothes, and chatting to Lorraine. Brian had a massive fight with another cat while we were in the garden, luckily no vet's bills were incurred (for us at least).

I have also been wrapped up in myself, but Rosie has been in hospital, and Dawn's dad died when we were in Sicily, her mother had passed last year. Close friends are struggling with challenges, but I feel very fortunate today, if a bit shattered.

A cheery young plumber came this morning and checked our boiler and also installed a tap in the garden, this was exciting because we can easily water our garden, and I can deploy the water pressure cleaner on the decking. Both were impossible to do earlier with any ease.

Spoke to Mum, who is concerned about Felix, who has an injured foot which has had stitches in it. He is now wearing an Elizabethan collar, and feeling ruff, and not allowed out for a couple of weeks.

Beth came by this evening, having visited Rosie who is in hospital. Lorraine went to see her a couple of days ago. She is very cheerful, and hopefully on the mend.  During the week Beth had a photo shoot with The Sun for a feature about ladies with larger boobs. The results of this are about to be launched tomorrow.

A quiet evening indoors, Beth and Lorraine working on a jigsaw this evening, as we listened to music. I was just really happy to be home and had no desire to go anywhere.