Friday, January 13, 2017

Morning moon

So a windy and icy night. A tiny smattering of frosty snow on the rooftops, which soon went.  Lorraine getting a texts as she got out of bed from others saying that getting into school was fine on the other side of the downs.

I got up early too, and worked in my scriptorium all day on my MS. Occasionally listening to Backstar, but mostly in silence or to the ambient strains of Eno.

The full moon, just a couple of degrees off full in the pearly morning night was rather lovely, and I took these from my study window in the morning.

Noticed a great sheet of ice on the table outside which was gradually slipping off and bending. Took a couple of snaps of this too. So working all day, apart from a bit of a bracing walk after Sonia went. Sonia chatting in a friendly way as usual.

Spoke to Mum, she and Mas are okay and in the warm. They'd been to the Friday library meeting this morning too, which was good. Spoke to Janet too, who has secured a new flat in Hove, which is really exciting.

Dawn came around this evening, just as Lorraine was arriving. I'd organised a delivery curry and we had a cheery night together. Beth back a bit later too.

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