Friday, January 27, 2017

'Genius' at work

Hard at work today again. I have made some excellent progress this week. All I want to do really is work. I have written loads and feel fairly chuffed with myself. It does not make for extraordinary blog posts, but feelings of some satisfaction. Inch by inch I am feeling less wussy than I was.

Worked with enormous focus today. Sonia here, but I spoke little to her being in 'genius' mode.  Chatted with Mum, all okay there, although Mas is still very tired all the time. But he has been through quite a lot in the past few months. I went for a walk late in the afternoon, listening to the Little History of Religion again. An interesting overview.

Today Theresa May meeting Trump. Ghastly photos of them hand in hand. Though I thought she seemed to doing a difficult job well, and got through the press conference well enough. And the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg who I've had mixed feelings about previously, asking the Trump an excellent question.

Lorraine home. I had missed her the night before. Strange how you can live on your own for years, but having a night on my own at home felt very strange.  We shimmied off to the Preston Park Tavern for a light bite, and an incredibly restrained single beer. Lorraine energised by being on a two day Head Teacher's conference.

Home and a fairly early night.

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