Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Flame at last

Worked from early in the day on the Skelly MS. In the afternoon Beth and I started looking at material to do with Edinburgh, and also I got in touch with Ruth, Matt's pal in Edinburgh.

Lorraine sore throaty this morning, and I have been a bit underpowered. However I forced myself to to the gym, if only to keep the routine going. I did a bit of stuff there, showered and had a cup of coffee in Starbucks and finished a long letter to Tracey in California.

Then to the Joker to meet Anton for their three-for-two Wednesday plates of Woof-Woof wings. The place quite crowded. Good to see him there, and chat about books, and life and so on. I also learned that the Lush voucher I'd bought Klaudia necessitated him having to spend hours on Boxing day buying bath bombs and stuff with my lovely Goddaughter. And the book on film making I bought Oskar went down well too.

Anton taking a photo of the Viper Wall of Flame. The Vipers have become a bit of a legend with some of his pals.

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