Sunday, January 22, 2017

Birthday beano

Lorraine got up this morning to make some tea, and saw that there was a fire in one of the houses in the streets below us. Soon there was the sound of many sirens. I read on a local news site that the people in the flat had been taken to hospital for smoke inhalation.

A relaxed morning, and Lorraine and I got up late. I was achey and tired. But I had a rejuvenating  doze in the afternoon. Lorraine and I set off to Anton's house for four o'clock to celebrate Klaudia's 13th birthday, which is tomorrow.

I enjoyed spending time hanging out with Klaudia and Oskar. Lots of screens and games. Klaudia heavily involved in one where you could either be a prison officer, a convict or a criminal, and was  yelping about tasering people. Oskar playing one which had amazing graphics about the early days of the Romans. I don't think I would have left my room if they had been available when I was a bairn.

We shared a really nice meal with ribs and poussin with amazing egg fried rice and sweet stuffed dumpling things, a lovely spread created by Anne and Anton in response to Klaudia's love of Chinese food. Strapped on the nosebag with gusto. Particularly enjoyed talking with Anne.  

Below Oskar making stop motion movies using his camera and a Christmas present I bought him to help him do it.  Obviously I didn't take a snap of Klaudia, because it was her birthday. D'oh!
Then: fire in the morning.

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