Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Peach and blue

Much improved day today, was able to get my brain in gear, and did some good work and felt much happier. Also went for a long walk in the sun, partly through a nearby scrap of be-squirrelled woodland, and later into the park, where the pond had few plants in it, and lots of fish. They are goldfish but the black ones are more numerous. An example of natural selection perhaps. I pictured passing predatory birds gulping up the gold ones.

Watched some of Theresa May's speech about Brexit. A decent effort I thought to put a positive gloss on it all, but as one of my old art directors Nev used to say with monotonous regularity while scowling at the catalogues we were forced to work on, you can't shine shit.

At sundown, and noticeably colder, I took a stroll to complete my 10,000 paces for the day. This latter was just around sunset and the sky was a thing of beauty daubed with contrails. Home and chatted to Mum, they are off to Bart's tomorrow for a checkup, luckily the ambulance is coming to pick them up. She'd been out with her pal Pat during the day at art gallery in London, followed by a couple of wines.

Cooked a mash-based griddled turkey style thing with plenty of fresh vegetables. Betty home tonight and chatting with her, before she went to her room to avoid watching an episode of a Netflix series called, OA which Toby had recommended. Bleak but good. L and I to bed early.

Below a world of peach and blue.

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