Monday, January 02, 2017

A stroll in the sun

A gorgeous clear blue sky. Lorraine already working this morning in bed looking at emails, and talking about school data. I got up and made breakfast of quorn sausage sandwiches. We are gradually getting back to normal now with food.

Because L was working and I was feeling antsy, I went for a two hour walk down to the sea with the low winter sun in my eyes all the way. Spoke to Mum while I was out and about.

The pier busy, and the sun rather hot. An impression only bolstered by the three swimming ladies who swam inland from the sea when I was there. Hardy is the word.

Home and after a bit Lorraine went off with Dawn to see their pal Sarah. I lurked at home writing bits and generally getting my ducks in a row to start my normal working routines again tomorrow.

Lorraine home, and I cooked a vegetable soup, using chicken stock. Rather nice it was too. Then watched a BBC Bronte biopic called To Walk Invisible, which was rather good, and extra enjoyable as it was filmed in Haworth where we were last year. I've not read any Anne Bronte. I should fix that. I have read Jane Eyre, Villette and Wuthering Heights by Charlotte and Emily.

Ruined the exercise and healthy food by eating chocolate tonight. I blame my wife, who has to start work tomorrow and quite understandably demanded chocolate and a glass of wine.

Below some photos with my actual camera. I am a bit rusty at the photos, as you can see. A stencil on a wall; The Duke of York where we watch lots of our movies; scenes of or from the pier including three January swimmers. The i360, I decided looks quite cool when the viewing platform is rising or falling. However most of the time all you see is an enormous concrete pole which is boring and ugly.

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