Monday, January 23, 2017

Martha on a school night

Working on the Skelton MS, tired all day though. I have some species of a malaise. I feel pretty cheery at the moment, so I don't think it is winter blues. When I'd fed Lorraine after work, we uncharacteristically zoomed out for fun on a School night.

Martha Wainwright at the Kommedia. I had absolutely loved her first album, simply called Martha Wainwright, which I played to death for a year or so. So when Innis spotted she was on, we jumped at the chance. We bussed into town and met Innis and Rosie at the Fountain Head, had a quick drink there before making our way to the gig.

I have seen a few bands there before, but the ceiling is very low and visibility is not so good. However, as Lorraine and I aren't the shortest of folks, we could see Martha well. She had a very cheerful and agreeable stage presence, and sang beautifully. Lots of songs from her new album, Goodnight City, which is really good too. She was wearing a necklace in the shape of a uterus that a fan had given her in Dublin at the start of her tour. She has one of those voices that seems to ring with truth somehow, and her songs are fab. While there I bumped into Jeremy Page of Frogmore fame, and his wife, plus Lorraine and I bumped into an old chum called Lesley.

Home soon too, just jumped in a cab. However not before a homeless person came up to us offering to do card tricks for money. Tired and in a hurry, Lorraine said to him that we were just trying to get home. He wandered off saying he was homeless, which made us feel bad, especially Lorraine. 

However good to get home, and go straight to bed. Feeling naughty after going out on a school night.

Below a blurry glimpse of Martha Wainwright. She is fabulous. A misty day in Brighton. The view from upstairs today.

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