Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Not dropping off

Working on the novel this morning, then off to the gym. I just have no stamina at the moment, I'm not sure why. I don't feel particularly ill or anything, but am getting very tired very quickly. I don't know why. Obviously plenty of scope for hypochondria. But I contented myself with walking my ten thousand paces for the day, so I can't be dropping off the perch just yet.

Lorraine was out tonight to do with work. In the evening watched an stunningly good documentary called Hyper-Normalisation. It is on the BBC iPlayer. I felt like it was a very plausible account of some of the factors that have contributed to the post truth world in which we now live. A real eye-opener.

Beth working on sorting her tax things out while I watched. She pleased because the interminable documentary didn't distract her. Although wild shrieking of foxes in the back garden did at one point. They must be breeding, the beasts.

Lorraine home, and in need of hot chocolate.

Beth sorts her receipts...

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