Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Mas back home, and trotting on

Mason being released back into the wild again today. Spoke to Mum a couple of times, and he arrived  later in the day. Not the challenges are around making sure he is okay in the house. Social services have been in touch, and there will be people to help him get up and bathed and so on for the first days of his return.

In harness writing another tranche of the Centaur opera. Trotted slowly along, using the Robert Graves version of the myths as template, a skirmish between Heracles and the Centaurs. Heracles is beastly to them, first stealing their wine then killing lots of them.

Listening to Brian Eno's lovely new ambient piece, Reflection, on Spotify during the day. I find Eno an inspiring person altogether, and his ambient stuff is the best thing to work to I know. Reflection is one of his best.

I also took three walks to ensure I'd walked my 10k paces. Listening to a 'Great Lives' podcast about C.S. Lewis.  I learned that Tolkien had modelled the way the Ents speak in Lord of the Rings on the booming voice of Lewis. They were friends and colleagues, and I once visited the Eagle and Child pub (aka The Bird and Baby) in Oxford, where they used to meet the other Inklings.

Enjoyed walking, although the weather getting drearier. Beth about a bit today, before going off in the afternoon to tutor an acting whippersnapper. After I'd written myself out, I watched the other bit of Endgame. Bleak as anything, but blackly funny. An blind old man, his adopted servant, and his legless parents in the corner of the room, in two separate dustbins.

Lorraine home and Beth cooked a healthy stir-fry for us. Rather good it was. Lorraine tired on her second day back at school.

We live quite high up in Brighton, but I love the little glimpses of the sea you get. Knowing there is all that space beyond the houses makes being in a town far less claustrophobic than it would be inland. Having a sense of the sea nearby is good for my sanity. From Fiveways, and the view from Blaker's Park, a two minute walk from us. I like the fish weathervane on the clock tower.

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