Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A game of two halves

Felt a bit more lively today, and I was in a productive groove this morning. Writing drafts of two short poems in about ten minutes before I got onto the novel.

The afternoon less productive, with stupid computer problems caused by a widespread BT server outage wasting time. A standard rejection from Long Poem magazine for my long poem too, when the emails came flooding in. Some freelance work on the horizon. I am trying to make enough space to get this pesky novel finished finally, for better or worse.

A nice chat with Mum and a bit of a walk helped. Spoke to Bob too, which was good. He has found a new winter light, that has kept him far more cheerful through the darkest days of winter than is usual, when like the ermine changing its coat, the old Mad dog transforms into SAD dog. Hope to be seeing him in London soon.

Lorraine had a hard day today, and got home late. Listened to a bit of Martha Wainwright, then a sensibly early night.

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