Saturday, January 14, 2017

Crumbled knees

Saturday at last. Lorraine and I made several plans for everything we were going to achieve today,  while in bed. However once up, and the quorn sausage sandwich of destiny had been eaten, both of us felt devoid of energy and in need of sneaky dozes in the afternoon, after we'd done some essential house stuff. Lorraine sore throaty and tired. Then a walk off to do some shopping, and Lorraine to drift into Preloved, one of her favourite shops.

Caught a bus in the evening to see Rosie and Innis for a dinner party. Lorraine made apple and walnut crumble and it warming our knees as Lorraine and I sat in the front seats at the top like children. Rosie had done a North African chicken dish which was all other delicious. Nice to see R & I so happy together, and Innis and have very similar interests and tastes so have lots to chat about. A cheery night all round, and a judicious cab home. I was still downstairs when Lorraine was already upstairs and did something yelp inducing to her knee. Felt bad I hadn't heard her. She was okay when I came to bed though.

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