Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The material of genius

Working on my Skelly MS, and revelling in the boon Scrivener is to getting things done quickly. Feeling tired, but I had my head down all day. A man came and measured up the door again, for we are replacing this as it doesn't really fit. It is going to have our house number on the glass above the door. That will be nice. I like the number 11. It is a bit mad to have favourite numbers, but along with 5, 11 is one of them. Symmetry is key. Otherwise not much going on. I cooked a turkey based stew tonight, using some substantial stock I had made with the Christmas turkey and had frozen.  A walk along to the Five Ways to buy an enormous leek. Of such stuff is the life of a genius cobbled together. Lorraine in need of TLC back from work today, which I supplied via the medium of turkey-based stew.

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