Saturday, January 07, 2017

A day full of niceness

Lorraine and I decided to get up fairly early (for us at the weekend) and go into town for breakfast. We had breakfast at Bills, and drank healthy freshly squeezed things. I had a nicely warming apple, carrot and ginger. Then we did a spot of shopping and lurked about by the sea. The afternoon was spent going to see a film, Rogue One, the Star Wars spin off at the Kommedia.  Bumped into Tanya there.

This film quite entertaining and as Starwarsy as you could want, but not something that will make you think about anything once you've left the cinema. Lorraine popped off to the loo afterwards, and I found myself amid half a dozen lesbians who made me laugh talking about two of the heroes who were killed in it: "I was sad when the blind one was killed. Yeah, and his boyfriend." Everyone dies in it. That's a plot spoiler. Lorraine shocked me on the way home, by quoting dialogue from the original Star Wars film, that this spin off emerged from. Apparently she watched it many times with the youthful Sam.

Home and Beth had cooked, as John was around, although he was a bit subdued due to a sore wisdom tooth. Spent the evening playing Euchre and drinking wine. Find myself continually surprised that I am playing Euchre in a family style setting. Always seem to play in the same teams, Beth and I versus John and Lorraine. Apart from one game, Beth and I always win, which is good because we are far less competitive that the other two. Makes me think of Dave my grandfather all the time. Playing music on the muso late at night. Lovely jazz, as everyone else had gone to bed.

A really enjoyable day, full of nice things.

Below a misty seafront.

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