Thursday, January 19, 2017

Macaroni is the answer

A bit of a ditto day. Working all day, and hard, on Skelton Yawngrave. Beth going off to be filmed with a stinking cold. Still feeling weirdly out of sorts though. Spoke to Mum and Lorraine and Beth both phoned at lunchtime.

Went for a walk in the cold at lunchtime, just for some air and get the circulation going for three quarters of an hour, then the rest of the day at home. I had been craving a can of macaroni cheese and so treated myself which I cooked with lots of added mustard, served with grilled tomatoes and some toast. Strange how something from a tin can be perfect once in a blue moon.  In the evening cooked a rather good stew, using the last of the turkey stock and some chicken stock, with lots of vegetables including the much maligned swede. Also did lots of laundry. For I am a non-gender specific domestic deity.

Lorraine woofed the stew up gratefully when she got home, and we chatted lots on the gold sofa, before watching the silly but sunny Murder in Paradise, which I knew Mum and Mas would be watching too. It is a terrible show, but oddly comforting. A bit like macaroni cheese.

My copy of Rachel Boast's book Void Studies arrived today. Meanwhile I have been listening to A Little History of Religion by Richard Holloway, as an audiobook on Anton's recommendation adding to my simultaneous reading, which has got utterly out of hand. I have started but not finished these books in the last month or so: Gogol Lost Souls,  Christopher Butler's A Very Short Introduction to Postmodernism, Slavoj Zizek Violence, Writings from Ancient Egypt, trans. Toby Wilkinson, and Adelia Prado's The Mystical Rose, Selected Poems.  I am also reading We have always lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson, with Lorraine at night. But she drops to sleep after a couple of paragraphs so this could take time. Plus browsing through  An Atlas of Countries that Don't Exist by Nick Middleton, which Anton got me for Christmas. There must be more too.

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