Thursday, January 12, 2017

Watching the Devil on TV

Hatches thoroughly battened down this afternoon, with a good deal of icy rain turning to sleet and a bit of snow by the time Lorraine got home. She'd sent everyone home on time from school. I spent the lovely day at my desk fiddling with poems and working on the novel MS, apart from a quick toddle to the bread shop, and a quick chat with mum.

Watching Trump's press conference, it occurred to me that the Americans have actually elected the Devil. It is extraordinary that such a nakedly evil presence has gained such power in this world.

A glimpse out of the kitchen window in the evening. Didn't fancy it, and the cats when forced to go out for reasons of personal hygiene, soon bolted back in looking affronted.

Listening to music off and on today. Working to Reflection by Brian Eno, one of his better ambient pieces, which is praise indeed, and Bowie's Blackstar album, his final one, which is a quite jazzy in places. The song  Blackstar itself is becoming a favourite. His penultimate album, The Next Day, is also very good. Good to know he went out on a high, artistically. It is humbling when you consider how much some artists accomplish in their lives. Interesting of all the people I was listening to in the 70s, I listen to Bowie and Eno with present pleasure, rather than nostalgia. I remember really liking their collaboration on the Heroes album, and still enjoy that album once in a while.

Constantly plagued by cats, who are bored and this is slightly annoying when in mid flow.

A glimpse out of the rain streaked kitchen window, into the wind and snowy wetness.

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