Sunday, January 01, 2017

A decent start

After I crept out to feed the cats and make tea this morning, Lorraine and I finally dragged ourselves out of bed at noon. Outside the rain raining on everything uninvitingly. Fairly purposeful during the day, reattaching the coat pegs that came away on Christmas day, and generally tidying and reorganising. Spoke to Mum who was about to watch Sherlock, like we were. Otherwise a quiet and pleasant night in with the lovely Mrs Kenny, eating leftover pie and the delicious Bulgarian Turkish Delight that Sonia had given us. And having a judicious afternoon snooze. No boozes today, only mineral water. An assortment of Kenny organs trembling with relief.

I take a dim view of January. But it started unusually well on the poetic front. A poem here in the pleasingly austere postmodernist site E.Ratio which went live today. It was a companion piece for An Adumbration of the Light Age, which is in The Nightwork, and written about the same time. Also heard today from the editor of an interesting Irish site called The Basil O'Flaherty  kindly took four poems, The Neighbours, Overthrow of the Angels, In Snoopyland and O Rose, to be uploaded in March, the month when Touchstone will be published by The Frogmore Papers. A decent start to the year's campaign.

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