Thursday, January 05, 2017


Another shabby night's sleep. Lorraine woke me up by literally screaming. Not murderers, but cramp. She went to sleep immediately afterwards. As the screamee, however, I lay awake with shredded nerves.

Working from an early hour on the Centaur business, and was able to send off the work to Helen by midday. Then onto the gym again. Felt much better today, and did my half hour cross training (I am starting myself off gently again) without difficulty. Had a shower in the gym, and then had a large mug of Americano in the ethically-unsound Starbucks, where I attempted some work. More than usually like a student library today, except for the boys speaking Arabic next to me, and showing each other clips of things on their phones. Then off to buy some marker pens for concept work as they were going cheap, like small birds.

Felt positively springy after the gym, and felt like I was walking faster and so on. I had weighed myself the day before and seem to have shed a kilo and a half. Not drinking, doing a bit of exercise and eating human portions seem to be doing the trick. To celebrate I ate two bitter ender mince pies, and a chocolate coin.

Spoke to Mum and Mason today. Mas back at home, and someone coming around to assess their house, with an eye to installing a lift and providing other aids to living. Mas clearly pleased to be back, and spending much of the day at his computer.

Home and I cooked a highly-acclaimed pork stew. Beth had been out talking to people about a part in a student film. Lorraine had a hard day at work.

Christmas decorations down today. Carpet thick with needles. Pulling the baubles from the tree made it rain needles. L and I agreed that we would get a non-shedding tree next year. Dragged the wretched thing to our front garden, leaving a green trail through the house. Beth, Lorraine and I binge watching a cop show called No Offence. Entertaining.

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