Monday, January 30, 2017


A cheery and efficient plumber arrived very quickly after being contacted, and I got him to cap the taps, so we can have the water on in the house. Drippee! The replacement of the taps will be  eye-wateringly expensive. To get to the taps, which were put in the wrong place, you have to smash all the tiles and take the bath out. The previous owner was a right old bodger. Luckily we only use that bath for showering, so not having taps at the moment is fine. The whole bathroom needs to be reimagined by someone very clever.

Otherwise, I spoke to Mum. And got on with my work, I am fixing a particularly difficult bit at the moment.

Beth arrived with a heavy cold and feeling ill in the late afternoon. Lorraine working late to prepare for a school inspection tomorrow. I cooked, and fed the womenfolk with roast chicken. This seemed to help.

Meanwhile in Brighton  a lively anti-Trump protest. I felt I should have been there, but felt needed on the home front.

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