Friday, January 06, 2017


So up early, thanks to Lorraine bringing breakfast up to our room. A thorny, first-week School problem for Lorraine which we discussed over porridge. Lorraine then made off for work and I got up.

I have decided to rework my Sketlton Yawngrave novel in the next few weeks (traditionally a quiet freelance time of the year), as I have been stealthily rethinking it for a while now. To this end I bought and downloaded Scrivener, and spent much of the day learning how to use it. From my initial assessment it is going to prove incredibly useful. It is software designed for longer writing projects, but helps you organise everything much better. The trouble with a long project is that it is a bit like looking at an elephant in a hut, through a hole in a wall. You can see bits of it, but never the whole elephant. This allows you to see the whole elephant at the click of a mouse, through a system of synopses, character boards and so on. In fact everything I've had to think about. You can upload all kinds of files as reference, so everything is one place. A piece of software that just might change my life.  I can have it simultaneously on my mac and macbook too, so can work on the same project wherever I am. Smart. All for thirty something quid. Bargain.

Otherwise I spoke to Mum. There are people coming to help with Mas a home from next Monday. Seems like there is a certain amount of support on the horizon, which is good news.

I went to the gym again, again not for long, and the walking there and back is part of the exercise. Not so full of energy today, perhaps this is due to having gone the day before. Still, worth doing, and thanks to my new gym bag I can take my computer and my gym kit. Sat in non-ethically sound Starbucks afterwards with an Americano from the new Guatemalan bean they are pushing, and will shortly charge more for no doubt, and downloaded Scrivener onto my macbook air.

Home, and Lorraine and Beth arriving together. I'd phoned ahead for a curry, which was very nice. A smallish amount of beer with it, and binge watched the rest of No Offence. Really exciting and quite funny in places.

Generally dreary, but a bit of brightness breaks under the cloud on Queens Road towards the sea.

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