Saturday, January 28, 2017

A happy day

Lorraine and up and out today. Off to talk to people about taps, as a tap in our bathroom is leaking, necessitating having to turn the pesky stuff off in the whole house outside in the street.

However Lorraine and I had a really nice day. Walked into town and had a coffee together and chatted, I had a hair cut and later Lorraine and I went for a light tapas and some sparkling water. Then off to the cinema to see La La Land this afternoon.  A musical. And about Hollywood. I find Hollywood's self love, exemplified by the Oscars, to be pretty nauseating. I however found lots to enjoy in it, the music was okay, the direction, art direction and filming good. In fact I think I liked it more than Lorraine, but I think this was only because I my expectations were lower than a viper's paunch, despite the rave reviews.

Then home again, and a quick turn around and we caught the bus with Betty back into town.  Lorraine and I off to an Italian restaurant in Hove called Buon Appetito, where we met Jess and Andrew. A lively place, with enthusiastic birthday singing, and pizza pans and a tambourine being handed around to bang to when Dean Martin sang Amore on the sound system. I had an interesting pizza, with pockets. Lorraine got the tambourine and banged and rattled it with great enjoyment for a while. Nice to see Jess and Andrew, who is fine now after having a scary pulmonary embolism a few months ago. Jess learning Italian and talking to the owner in Italian.

From here we taxied to a pub called The Exchange were John was playing a gig with his pal Matt. This had been thrown into doubt as their bass player had left a few days ago, and his replacement had only been with the band for few days. However it was all good fun. We met Beth there who was with her pals Ainsley and Millie. A cheery evening, and the boys got the much of the pub up and dancing by the end of it. Matt a very cheery front man. They are very good, and John is a most excellent drummer. His drumming face is quite funny though. He sometimes wears an expression of  seriousness mixed with a sort of bored resignation.

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