Monday, January 09, 2017

Dem old bones

Lorraine up in the dark again this morning. Brought me a nice cup of tea before leaving. I hurried downstairs, eager to employing my Scrivener program to great effect and revisit the Skelton Yawngrave MS. The program is making editing and complex reordering a thing of minutes. The manuscript and story, which I started about 10 years ago, seems incredibly current. The far fetched right wing governments I had imagined as a backdrop, seem almost tame now.

Steadily did three lots of laundry during the day. The glamour.  Beth at home before going to the gym and then off to rehearse her part as a sassy singing hippo for a production of Madagascar. We had lunch of a leek and chicken stock plus miso soup, which was rather nice, before I zoomed off to the gym and did another mild mannered workout, and walked back in the rain in time for a Sainsbury's delivery and a chat with Mum.

Then more work till Lorraine came home. Feeling suddenly very tired around sixish. Lorraine home and feeling peaky. To bed very early, after she chose an episode of Endeavour to watch from the safety of the Gold sofa.

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