Sunday, January 08, 2017

Sunday gardeners

Lorraine and I not so springy this morning, but gradually crawled out. I went around the corner to buy an expensive chicken, and various bits. Breakfast, then Lorraine and I into the garden, to survey our grounds. A very mild day today, around 10c, and we did general tidying and stood about discussing what needed to be done in that garden. A good deal, is the answer. Fox poo here and there. And cat poo. And snails. Occasionally a few plants. The little ferny area, and the small half barrel pond looking good though.  

A relaxed day, however, although I found it hard to settle to anything. Started reading my book of Ancient Egyptian texts, and instantly fell asleep. Then I cooked the aforementioned chicken in the evening (as Lorraine did her emails etc.). Sunday roast then, and watched the first in the new series of No Offence, and then Sherlock and then to rapidly to bed.

Texting with the Tobster now back from Japan, having had a very good time by the sound of it.

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