Friday, December 02, 2016

An Announcement and visiting Mas

Best news of the day is that Sam and Jade have now officially announced their engagement. Lorraine and I are really chuffed about this, and Beth is too. Sam and Jade are coming for Christmas, so it will be a double celebration.

In other news, an overdue billing session this morning, and I finally got my invoices up to date. Then set off to Farringdon to meet Mum at Barts. Mason now out of intensive care, and in a room of his own, close to the nursing station. He is still very tired, and falling asleep mid-sentence and then waking up with a disoriented start. Mum and I sat with him for a couple of hours, and then left. Had a one fast drink in the Butchers Hook and Cleaver, posh Pie and Ale pub, and then we walked to Farringdon. Mum bearing up well with the travelling and visiting, though I am urging her to take a day off.

A wearyingly slow train home, but Lorraine picked me up at a little before seven, as she had worked late, and we went home, and then walked down to a very busy Shahi. A nice meal there and a welcome bit of time together, before we walked back up the hill again to reach home. We are watching an SF series called The Expanse, which is a little bit like Blade Runner in space.

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