Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rebuffing the darkness

A day of shopping. Into town with Lorraine, and then we split up so that I could buy my lovely wife a present. As I was about this, I bumped into Janet, and Janet and I enjoyed a quick cup of coffee and arranged to see each other tomorrow. Off then for a haircut. Busy men in there today, but I didn't have to wait too long.

In the evening, back into town to meet Rosie and Innis and watch the parade for the burning of the clocks. There were lots of clocks this year, though far fewer larger ones than in years before. Lovely to see them parading through, interspersed with drumming bands of samba and bhangra varieties.

Then everyone went down to Marine Drive and looked down on the ship model into which, rather slowly, people put their clocks. Eventually this was set on fire, as a suitable rebuff to the longest night of the year and blazed happily despite the rain starting at the same time. Then a spectacular and thunderous firework display.

Now raining with a peevish persistence off to the Fountain Head where we found a table and drank beers, and generally had a laugh. Lorraine and I caught a late bus home, after a very cheery night. I like Innis very much.

Below some of the decorations along North Street, the beginning of the parade, a melee of people with clocks, striped drummers, and the back of Lorraine's hooded head looking at fireworks.

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