Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The end of work

Lorraine working at home this morning. Me too, but with little accomplishment I phoned home this morning, and had a ten minute chat with Mason, who sounded better than I've heard him for a while.

Sonia here today, so kissed her Merry Christmas and made off into town to do Christmas shopping, and found things remarkably easy to find. Feeling calm and balanced. Even the shops seeming fine and not over-frenzied. There seems plenty of time this week, and simply coming home when the process grew onerous.

Bought a few pressies for folks and picked up some stuff from the post office using Lorraine's driving license. Walked home. Lorraine finally finishing work for the year. Quite a moment, and to celebrate we  polished off a bottle of wine, and watched Fleabag. A lovely little series, with its roots firmly in theatre.

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