Sunday, December 18, 2016


A house day, Lorraine and I doing things like washing the fridge, carrying things about and hoovering and washing floors, and making the front room Christmassy. Spoke to Anton and Mum this morning.

As the day wore on I felt increasingly cold and magnetised by the sofa. By bedtime Lorraine sniffing too. Watched the final episode of Humans tonight, good TV. Lorraine and I also watched the first two episodes of Fleabag. I've heard and read people raving about this, and finally got around to looking at it. It is a cult hit that first appeared on BBC 3. A blacker than black comedy, with lots of direct to camera stuff. Very dark and despairing, but brilliantly written. Very impressed. There is great TV on at the moment, but you have to know where to look.

Lorraine looked at some of the presents she received at school. My favourite, by some distance, was some quite realistic, handmade 'Reindeer droppings'.  On the flip side of the label was written '100% organic'. We think it is a chocolatey thing.

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