Monday, December 19, 2016

Mason home

Heard from Mum this evening that Barts had released Mason back into the wild, much to everyone's surprise. Mum said they had ordered some Chinese food, and Mason had eaten it as if it were a feast. Messaging the Tobster too.

Lorraine into school this morning just to do some filing, and returned home with more presents and cards. I did some bits and pieces, trying to press on with my own stuff but finding my brain a bit awol. Was offered a chunk of freelance work in January, which I have tentatively said yes to. But otherwise it seems my neurones and synapses have called it a year, even if I haven't given them permission.

Betty cooked up a top supper of stuffed chicken breasts and roasties and we had James and Kitty around. Dylan forgot to come. But we had a good laugh nevertheless, and watched We Three Kings, which we had manage to film with a rudimentary camera. Also the first five minutes of A Glass of Nothing, before the camera died. Kitty just getting ready to move up to London, although she promises to be back in Brighton lots. James meanwhile through a large pencil drawing commission, so had to stay off the boozes so he could draw in straight lines tomorrow. A cheery evening though, and so nice to see Lorraine not having to worry about having to get up tomorrow.

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