Friday, December 30, 2016

Mum's birthday

Thick fog again today. Lorraine and I drove up to see Mum, however the journey up plagued by traffic and thick fog took us almost four hours to reach Barnet Hospital. Lorraine doing heroic driving in difficult conditions. Spoke to Anton en route, turns out he had fallen down a hill playing with Oskar's new motorised car, banged his head, cricked his neck, and bashed up his body. Couldn't feel his arm for half an hour. Apart from a stiff neck he is okay now.

We had planned to pick up Mum but we so late we met her at Mason's ward. Mas sitting up and quite chatty, and seemed to be a bit brighter than when I last saw him. A nice enough ward and a young doctor who mason said, correctly, was a bit of a Clarke Kent. Nice to have Lorraine there, who was chatting lots and feels at home in hospitals having been a ward sister in a earlier manifestation. We gave Mas some Christmas presents, and he was in fairly good spirits.

Drove mum to a nearby pub restaurant for a drink and a meal. Hearty fare there, Mum had a steak and ale pie and I had ribs, and Lorraine had Woodland chicken. Gave Mum Christmas and Birthday presents, from us and Pat and Maureen. She is - REDACTED - years old today. We all enjoyed ourselves, and Mum enjoyed her presents, particularly a nice bracelet we got her for her birthday.

Then nosing back through the fog to Mum's house. Waving at Ben across the road. Sat by the fire drinking tea with the cats. Mum gave us some presents, including a large bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin. An exemplary and well-targeted gift. Fearing the weather, we left at eight, and made it back to Brighton much more easily than the northbound journey. Some bits of the motorway clear of fog, but lots of big fog patches, and Brighton foggy too. Called Mum to say we had arrived safely.

Lorraine had a glass of gin and elderflower and tonic when we got home. Watched Charlie Booker's Screenwipe, and then made off to bed. Despite the traffic and so on, we'd had a really nice day.

Below random motorway shot. Mum opening presents. No.1 told to smile, explains she can't smile in photos. No.2 Pretends to rabidly open a present. Mum busily opening presents.


margaret Hamlin said...

Oi! You didn't have to tell everyone how ancient I am now!! :-(

Peter Kenny said...

He-heh. Okay I'll take it off :-)