Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Musical interludes

Up early and working on the opera, deliveries happening during the day, including one that never knocked or rang merely stuffed the you were out slip through the door. I did some shopping, various chores and talked to Mum before she went off to see Mas. I also spoke to her this evening, and he has now had his pacemaker put in. I'm going up to see him and Mum tomorrow, as it is a chuffing non-strike day on the railways.

Beth lurking about with Laura today, on a daytime sleepover, which seems to consist of making huge scooby snacks and watching obscure things on TV. Beth pleased that Laura had also bought her a murder book. Jade has asked her to be a bridesmaid too, and Sam and Jade's wedding now has been set for August.

Off this afternoon to talk to Helen and hear the latest music she has written to my words on the Centaur project, and talked about everything from Post Modernism to the Diabolus in Musica. She also sat at the piano explaining some music theory to me about fifths, and thirds and sixths and musical inversions and so on. All very interesting.

Lorraine battling through the last days of school. She is taking Friday off to see Sam receive his Masters. So today was the penultimate day. Carol service in Bolney church tonight, and she phoned me as she locked up the dark school on her own.

After I'd eaten a fish finger sandwich, off to to the Palmeira pub in Hove, where I met Steve Cartwright and Richard Gibson. They have a jazz night on a Wednesday. Richard also talking about scales and stuff he'd been working out with Claudius in a duet they'd been working on for flute and guitar. Good to see Steve as ever too. The jazz enjoyable, particularly the pianist. Good to see cats of all ages playing together.

Grabbed a cab home.

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