Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

All up early. I zoomed around to Choice Cuts where I was able to pick up the preordered turkey and a large pork pie. Unlike last year it only took me ten minutes. Couldn't help but look at the turkey and wonder if it had also voted for Christmas.

Chats with Mum of course. Mas still in hospital, and will be for Christmas sadly.

Lorraine and I off to do a spot of shopping very locally with Lorraine. Jade and Sam went into Brighton. Pat and Maureen off to buy some presents for the cats. Beth became a baking goddess for much of the day, helped by Lorraine. The Kenny Towers kitchen turning out cheese twists, mince pies, flans, sausage rolls, baked salmon, ham cooked with cloves and marmalade, little pies and much more.

In the afternoon, Lorraine and I drove to Anton's to drop off some pressies for my Godbairns.  Saddened to see that Oskar was wearing a Manchester United shirt. Nice to chat with the kids.  Klaudia telling me the funny story of Oskar's girlfriend who had asked Oskar out, and given him his first task, which was to tell her previous boyfriend that he was dumped. The politics of ten year olds.  She smartly stopped Oskar's mouth when he tried to reciprocate.

Nice to see Anne too, and share a cheeky half with Anton before we went again.

Home to a gargantuan spread of the aforementioned flans and pies and baked salmon and pickles and cheeses and so on, which I fell on like a famished hyenas. I had four platefuls, later I felt very full indeed. It was hard not to, however, because everything was so nice.

Pat, Lorraine, Beth, Sam and Jade and I went off to the Preston Park Tavern to get some air, and a beer later in the evening. Ended up playing a guessing game, where you had to guess the present to bring to gain admission to a party. The answer, such as only green things, or four letter things, lies in the head of the person holding the party. Amazing how hard spotting the categories was, even though the answer was staring me in the face.

Home in the wind and very mild evening.

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