Sunday, December 11, 2016

Buying a Christmas tree and DIY rage

Sunday, glorying in a bit of a lie in, till the necessity for us to get up and eat kippers grew too strong. Lorraine and I drove to a Bolney garden centre (briefly playing Royal Consort as Lorraine chatted to the owner who had donated a Christmas Tree to the school). We bought a Christmas tree, a long time since I've had a real one. Reminded forcibly of why its leaves are called needles when I carried the blighter in from the car.

Otherwise moving chairs about, and thinking about Christmas a bit. A very frustrating day. L and I decided that we would sort some house stuff out. Assembling a free standing towel cupboard for the bathroom. After an hour of assembly,  the last bit was the hinge lid. The lid was cut too big to fit, and one of the hinges was missing a vital part. We have a dodgy connection from the TV arial outside to our TV. It has worked for ages, and the coax became intermittent. Took it all apart and reassembled it. Went to the hardware store and bought a new bit and reassembled it again. Still didn't work. A bit of DIY raging. I hate DIY. I want staff. If only I was a rich man.

Still, a very pleasant night in with Lorraine, the first in ages. Also the first in a while when I haven't had a drink. A much needed dry day.

Calliope sitting neatly.

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