Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Tech rehearsal

Bit of a free floating day today. To the gym this morning to dispel tension, which worked but made me sleepy in the afternoon. And spoke to Mum, who said Mas was feeling a bit more himself, and they are talking about moving him from intensive care again soon.

Otherwise a bit of tinkering with things to do with the play. Beth in bed most of the day. When James came we set off for the Marly in a cab. Nice Pakistani cab driver who I ended up discussing Pakistani politics with. He is optimistic about the future, which is good to hear.

Did the tech rehearsal tonight, suddenly lots more real once the stage lights and sounds were sorted. A solid tech, Jessica, who new her stuff, which helped. Being on a lit stage really brought out the energy in Dylan particularly. He is such a natural. Beth conserving her voice.

Lorraine came tonight too, and her presence was really welcome. Touching how much strength Beth derives from her being there. Lorraine thought We Three Kings was good too, and seeing as she is the first person to see it, is a relief.  Lorraine and I drove home with James, who was parked outside our house. Beth went off to see John.  Lorraine and I had a glass of wine at home before bed and talked, not having the opportunity to speak much in the last few days.

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