Friday, December 16, 2016

A sofa day

Lorraine, having taken the last day of school off, and Beth up to Leeds at an unholy hour, leaving well before six. They were travelling up to Leeds to see Sam graduate. I slept a bit longer, but found myself in the wide awake club at seven.

Feeling tired, I had a slow day. Wrote to my old friend Tracey, now living in California, who got in touch recently. Tidied up the house, did ironing etc. Mainly, though, I had some sofa time, and through Netflix watched Annie Hall again, which I'd not seen for decades. And a SF film called Advantageous, by Jennifer Phang, which was rather thoughtful in a slow way.

Talks with Mum, and Lorraine sent this photo by Lorraine of herself with Sam looking smart on his Masters graduation day.

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