Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tying up the laces of the year

Up early and had breakfast with Lorraine, then spent the day tying up the laces of the year, billing the Marlborough, paying Jessica our tech and so on. Not to mention a bit of Christmassy stuff and working on the Centaur a bit.

Then off to London to see Mum and Mas. I'm listening to Gogol's Dead Souls at the moment, which I started to read about thirty years ago. I shouldn't have waited so long. A really funny book. Must re-read his short stories too.

Met Mum in the cafe in Bart's hospital, and when it was time we drifted up to see Mason. He was released from Intensive Care this morning, and now is on another ward. He was much better than when I last saw him, and mentally much more like his old self, and asking how the play went and so on. He has bruises all over, with their constant difficultly in finding a vein. He had a cannula put into his groin, which was painful, and then had to be replaced. However, now he a pacemaker and a triple bypass he has the full set. His nurse, despite being a graduate of some discredited South African charm school, was doing her best to do the right thing and keep him active and nagging him to breathe more deeply.  I wouldn't want her job for all the parsnips in East Anglia. I have however been mightily impressed with Barts.

Mum and I had a quick drink after in a pub, blinking inside with epilepsy-inducing Christmas lights. Then we surged home. I managed to get a train to Preston Park and buy some fish and chips in time to meet Lorraine, who was leaving for her staff Christmas party.

I ate fish and chips, watched a documentary by Stacey Dooley, and then sat about with Betty and John who had eaten out and done some Christmas shopping. We found a free app for the TV of a real fire and played this while we talked. Lorraine back late, and in need of a drink. Then to bed.

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