Friday, December 09, 2016

Last night

Less nervy today, although naturally nerves started at around 5pm. A taxi with James and Lorraine to The Marlborough, which was packed and had people conducting some kind of a Christmas Gift auction downstairs. More people tonight, and the room felt very full.  Catherine and Tanya and Steve Cartwright, Rosie and Innis were all there. A big day for Beth as Gary was there with Sophie, having been unable to see her during the Festival.  Emily and Eliza, two of her university besties came too. John came tonight too.

The show went excellently. Less nervy than yesterday, and always fascinating to see how different audiences react to the same play. They really tuned into the dark side for the final section of A Glass of Nothing. Beth really on point tonight. Spectacular. Very proud of her and Dylan, Kitty and James. I couldn't have asked more of them, and they consistently did better than I imagined they could.

Sad that we were done after just two nights. I have to get my thinking cap on. We've got plays that really work and entertain people, actors who are fabulous -- now I want to work out how to take it to a higher level. Edinburgh next year is the next step.

A rapid tidy up then down to the bar. Had a nice time hanging out with the cast and friends and drinking a fair few beers, chatting to John's mum Krys, and his uncle Martin, to Steve and his daughter and her boyfriend, who are plotting going travelling. Also to Gary and Sophie, who were very nice about my writing. Hanging out with lovely Rosie and Innis and generally chatting with everyone in a rather pleased with myself kind of way.

Home in the cab with Lorraine, Beth and James who was sensibly staying over, to more late night toast, and a few midnight drinks.

Here is the cast of We Three Kings, snapped a bit before kickoff,  L-R James, Kitty, Beth and Dylan.  In A Glass of Nothing, Beth transforms into the world's most beautiful woman after drinking a glass of nothing. She goes into the audience and takes a selfie. She took it on Eliza's phone, and you can see Eliza with her thumb up in the background, sitting next to Emily. It's a fab photo.

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