Saturday, December 17, 2016

A scale in G

Up and at 'em fairly early, Lorraine and Beth both in Leeds with Sam and Jade this morning. Hus called around this morning and spent the day replastering the spare bedroom wall. I like Hus and nice to chat, and he did a good job in a considerate way. We'll go for a beer in the new year.

As the day wore on I began to snuffle heralding the arrival of yet another cold. Since I had my flu jab I have had colds and bugs in abundance. In the evening went off to Brighton Station, where I went to the station bar, ordered a pint of Harvey's and waited for Lorraine's train to arrive. Very pleased to see her smiley face too.

After buying a bite to eat outside the station, we went up to Richard and Maria Grazia's house. A few chums there, including Steve and Claudius. Richard and Steve played a musical piece based on the G scale of G Ab B C D Eb F, which was rather peaceful and oriental sounding, which Richard said there is an Indian raag with this scale in. I report this completely out of my depth of course.  A fun evening with interesting people. Before I went Richard gave me a nip of whiskey called Writer's Tears. I'm not much of a whisky drinker but it's the sort of thing that a writer should have in the house I suppose.

Lorraine and I took a taxi home. When I produced my note, the driver had no change for it. So he just asked for the handful of change I had, and said Happy Christmas.

Claudius and Richard scale new heights.

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