Saturday, December 10, 2016

The man with the hatstand

Up blearily early thanks to the cats. Unaccountably worried that I had offended people with the play. But realised that I was simply being paranoid, and experiencing the post show weirdness.

Quick catch up with Mum.  Then made breakfast for myself and Lorraine, then we had to get up to drive to the Marly to collect the props. Some scuffing about there, before I walked uphill across town carrying the hatstand and two chairs, trying not to lance shoppers in the North Laine. Not something I'd recommend with a hangover. Dropped them back to the Duke of Wellington with thanks and sauntered gingerly home.

Devoted much of the rest of the day to doing as little as possible. Lorraine off having her hair cut, and then doing a spot of Christmas Shopping.

In the evening off in steady rain to meet Anton and Mari for dinner in the Sussex Yeoman. Braved one of their nice burgers. Lorraine and I really enjoyed meeting Mari again, and having a relaxing evening. She has managed to expose Anton to dogs, or is it the other way round, and he has not been eaten by them. Remarkable.

Very ready for bed by the time we went home.

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