Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Our visitors depart

Kippers this morning, for hardy lovers of the more aromatic start. Sadly, everyone leaving today,  Pat and Maureen returning to Ashford. We drove them down to the station, and saw them onto the train, laden with bags of shopping and so on. 

A bit later Lorraine drove Sam and Jade and Beth off to the station too. Beth off to stay with John. Sam and Jade off to stay with Gary and Sophie. Me waving them off from the doorstep, and then turning back to the novelty of a house with only me and two cats in it. A successful and fun Christmas, and I enjoyed seeing everyone very much. Nice to spend it with Sam and Jade, which was a first for me.

When Lorraine returned, we ate the last of the turkey pie and after doing a few bits and pieces, sunk into the sofa. We had one glass of wine each, far steadier than previous Christmas evenings, and did nothing in abundance.

Mason is not improving quickly, and just wants to be home. Visiting the hospital every day is a bit gruelling for Mum, but she is resilient. She is getting lots of phone calls and visitors, which is tiring towards the end of the day. Wish I had a magic wand.

A shot of Calliope looking particularly grumpily at me this morning as I lay in bed. Sometimes I am a disappointment to her.

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