Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Long day at the thesbian coal face

Up early and doing few bits in a somewhat unfocused fashion. Then the afternoon spent in our last rehearsal in the Duke of Welly, before walking across town carrying a hatstand, (kindly lent us by the folks in the Duke of Wellington) down to the Marlborough.

A supper of sorts in Starbucks, because it was near and we needed food, then a first dress rehearsal in the Marlborough. Spoke briefly to David and Tariq who were both there. First time I'd been in the theatre there for some time. The stage has been enlarged, and the old sticky carpet taken up and it's come up trumps.

A good rehearsal, and we finished up at 9:45, and had a quick drink downstairs in the Marlborough's bar with Beth and James, having a wee in the urinal of the gender-free toilet. The Marlborough is mainly a lesbian pub serving vegan food, and has a good atmosphere, but I can't help feeling a bit of an interloper there sometimes, but I must remember this is the third time I have written stuff which has brought punters into the theatre, and drinkers into the bar. A taxi home, after a long day.

A couple of snaps, Dylan, James and Kitty: our Three Kings, and Beth being transfixed by a duck bill.

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