Sunday, December 04, 2016

Rehearsing on a Sunday afternoon

Lorraine and I had a late breakfast, with Beth and James arriving in time for toast. Phoned Mum who said Mason had been taken back into Intensive care, which was somewhat concerning. When I called her in the evening, however, she said that he was noticeably better than he had been.

A cab into town, and Lorraine and I did a smidge of shopping, before I joined the others at The Duke of Welly, where I had to collect my computer and simply come home again, to transfer the show playlists onto the laptop, and then return.

Had good day's rehearsing, and it was generally quite fun, if a little gruelling. Kitty had been filming all night, so was a bit shattered, but did well nevertheless. Everyone else firing well. We Three Kings feeling much better now. Ended after six and had a quick drink under an electric bar fire in the beer garden, watching the James and Beth smoke. Nice chat with the owner, and I thanked him again for his kindness in letting us use the rehearsal room. Turned out he was former stage manager, so understands the needs of thespians.

Then home, and Lorraine was with Dawn in the kitchen. A fun evening, with a large roast dinner, featuring beetroot in a white sauce. We were all pleased to see Dawn and catch up with her news.

To bed late, after watching Chelsea's lesser rivals fail on Match of the Day.

Below James, Dylan, Kitty and Beth eating cookies after rehearsing for seven hours.

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