Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Shops and Baskets

A day of vast shoppings. After the lengthy and important business of breakfast, Lorraine set off into town with Pat and Maureen. I phoned Mum and had a chat, before deciding to walk into town.

Jade came with me and we had a really nice and wide ranging discussion walking into town. She made the very good point of people wanting to leave the UK because of Brexit, are really seeking to live somewhere where there is no politics. On reaching North Street we split up as she had wedding shopping to do. I sought out Lorraine, Pat and Maureen in Churchill Square, busy buying things. After a bit we surfaced and had a much needed coffee. Then Lorraine took Maureen clothes shopping next door, which Pat and I were able to duck out of and chat in the cafe instead. Then the mission that is M&S. After scorning many coats, Maureen found a furry green coat. This Pat claimed to pre-fur, and she bought it.

Pat and Maureen then caught a bus home, and Lorraine and I went into the North Laine to meet Beth and Sam and Jade. Went to a shop with a nice suit, possibly one Sam could wear on his wedding. But sadly the arms were too short among other things. One of the penalties of being six foot five or six. Popped into Gresham Blake to look at their clothes, before the call of the Basketmakers grew strong in us, and we popped in for a few drinks. Sam particularly liking being there, as the pub is the family favourite.

After this we all clambered into a big cab home. Lorraine baked a glorious fish pie, and a glorious turkey pie. I talked, ahem, slightly merrily to Mum and to Ben who was visiting her. Had a bit of a laugh though.

Below in the Basketmakers.

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