Monday, December 05, 2016

Spooning the mauve

An abominable night's sleep. After lying completely awake for a couple of hours with a merry-go-round of thoughts dipping up and down I simply got up and did some work, with Calliope which was helpful. As a consequence I felt pretty shattered this morning, and instead of travelling to London which had been my plan A, contented myself with phoning Mum a couple of times. Mas about the same as yesterday, Mum still bearing up.

Did props and sound effect organising things with Beth, and ran some of her lines, this afternoon after snoozing for a bit.  In the evening before Lorraine came home, Beth (with me kitchen portering) made a strange mauve soup from yesterdays leftover vegetables and a bit of chicken. It tasted really nice, but mauve though.

Beth printing off duplex checklists for the props and gathering everything together. We will be dropping it all off at The Marlborough tomorrow, in a marathon rehearsal day at the Duke of Welly, then a dress rehearsal in the Marly in the evening.

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