Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve

A quiet day pottering about in Kenny towers after the long drive of yesterday. Lorraine and I went for stroll through Blakers's Park and onto the shops to buy some vegetables. Reading and relaxing in the afternoon. I tried several times to come up with a devastating summation of 2016 for my other blog, but failed.

In the evening Anton came around and we sat in the kitchen drinking and eating snacks as Lorraine cooked us a rather excellent chicken and ham pie. Also spoke to Mum at this point too. Anton stiff and in pain from time to time after falling down the hill in Stanmer Park while out with Oskar. However after supper, we settled down to play Small World, a board game Anton gave us for Christmas. I found it rather complex, but it was fun and we drank and played this game, where you took on a Tolkeinesque race, such as in my case dwarves and rat people, and they have a variable special powers. Anton very keen on this game indeed. As usual, when the end came and the dust had settled and you counted up your in-game coinage, Lorraine had won.

Then a slightly strange sequence of events. We decided to go out to a local pub to see in the New Year in the company of other humans. We walked down to the Preston Park Tavern which had closed at 10, mysteriously. Then we walked along to the Cleveland Arms, which Lorraine and I had been to once before and it was like a throwback to the 1980s. This time it was weirder still, crammed with locals who all looked as if they were related to each other, and looking at us in frank astonishment at our entry. We went outside to watch Anton smoke a cigarette and gulped our drinks, and fled. Then to the Park View, which at least had the virtue of being open and populated with people. We found a seat and midnight came, combined with them turning on the TVs to watch an enormous firework display on the Thames, and Robbie Williams singing. The Park View however was atmosphere-free, apart from a few drunk old men lairily singing Auld Lang Syne. They then pumped the music up to the point we couldn't speak to each other for twenty minutes, then called time. Joked that this would live in our memories forever. However, I got to spend New Year with my wife and my best mate, so no complaints. Fond farewells to Anton and Lorraine and I dawdled home.

Lots of young people on the street, spilling out from the mild mannered party held next door. Quite sweet as we left for the pub, was that the loudest noise from the party was from singing. Toby saw the New Year in somewhat earlier at Makinohara. Pleased that I can picture the scene.

After midnight, Lorraine and I watching Jules Holland on the sofa till we had to go to bed.

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