Thursday, December 01, 2016

As nice as pie

Made a layer pie today, one of my mum's old recipes, where you layer onion and pork luncheon meat in a pie, then pour in beaten eggs. You bake it, and when sliced it appears in attractive strata of pork and oniony egg. It is not a thing of great sophistication, but very comforting on a cold day with baked beans and baked potato.  Fed this to an appreciative Lorraine this evening. I like to be able to cook for her in the evening. She brings me tea and breakfast in the morning quite often. It is a beautiful thing a cup of tea in the morning.

Went off with Betty during the day to London road to a poundshop to buy bits of Christmassy stuff for the stage set of We Three Kings. Beth also prepared the music for the show. Not going to London, nor having any work, nor a rehearsal meant I had the luxury of a sleep this afternoon for an hour. Beth sorry to be missing the pie.

Nice to speak to Matty this evening, having sent him some of my Chad poems, which he received while sitting in The Bull's Head in Chiswick, one of my old haunts and in the seat that Matt and I last had a drink there together. He liked them lots, which was good. Also sent a version of a poem I am writing about Mochi New year's rice cakes to the Tobster. Of course as soon as I sent it I started reworking it. All I want to do is read and write poems at the moment.

Beth wanted a photo of my pie, which I sent to her as she travelled off to see John.

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Richard Fleming said...

Layer Pie. Yum! I want some.